what we do


Centrepoint works with one of the most disadvantaged groups in society: homeless young people. Living without a safe, permanent home is only the beginning of the story for many of the young people that we help. Problems such as unemployment, addiction, family breakdown and physical and mental ill health often go hand in hand with homelessness. These factors add to the isolation and prejudice that homeless young people face, making the journey back to independence complex and slow.


We know that providing a roof over someone’s head is not enough for them to break free of homelessness. The only sustainable way to tackle homelessness is to identify and overcome its root causes and to support young people as they rebuild their lives.

When a young person arrives at Centrepoint we respond to their immediate needs by providing them with a safe, comfortable place to call home. Then we add the support needed to build their self-respect, confidence and skills: in other words the essential ingredients for a better future.

We encourage young people to develop sustainable skills that they can draw upon as adults, long after they have left our services. We help young people get into education, training and employment, overcome health problems including drug and alcohol addiction, and gain lifeskills such as cooking and budgeting.


  • we work with homeless young people aged 16 to 25.
  • each night, more than 800 young people stay at our services.
  • most young people stay at Centrepoint for six months or longer.
  • we are active in London, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, and the North East, working in partnership with others to tackle youth homelessness.
  • our dedicated teams specialise in health, life skills, education and employment, providing a comprehensive approach to young people’s development.
  • since 1969, we have helped more than 72,000 young people escape the downward spiral of homelessness and start a better life.


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