DAN LE SAC Vs SCROOBIUS PIPWith the gigantic underground / overground / wombling free hit of 2007 ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’ Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip gave London scenesters (yes, that means you, you f**k) the kind of kicking that ‘LDN Is A Victim’ can only dream of.Now all they have to do is convince enough Converse-wearing liggers that their understated beats and cadences are worth continued attention. With a summer packed full of festival appearances and a formidable arsenal of tunes they’ll have you all converted by the end of the season, count on it.

FUTURE OF THE LEFTFuture Of The Left’s Andrew Falkous and Jack Egglestone are probably sick of people bringing up their previous band, Mclusky. But being in one of the best British bands of the last decade is always going to be hard to shake.Thankfully, whether they like it or not, Future Of The Left continue where Mclusky left off. Brain-shaking guitars, a rhythm section that sounds like a juggernaut driving through your head and lyrics that are half fire-and-brimstone pulpit preacher, half madman ranting to himself on a street corner.

John Lydon once said: “anger is an energy”. If so Future Of The Left are running on full power. The future’s in good hands.

HELP SHE CAN’T SWIMAfter forming in a garden this London five-piece swiftly honed an impressive talent for heartfelt, intense, spiky guitar pop (what they used to call emo before the term got hijacked by teenage goths hungry for a cultural facelift).With second album ‘The Death of Nightlife’ HSCS tell tales of streetlife after dark, alternately strolling and stalking round territory halfway between Belle & Sebastian’s gentle insight and Biffy Clyro’s razor-wired incisiveness. Don’t miss.

WE START FIRESDarlington four-piece We Start Fires release their debut album this October and in the meantime they’re ticking all the boxes up and coming young London scenesters could wish for.Achingly hip DJ side project? (The High Kicks) Check. Sought after, limited edition vinyl single? (2006’s ‘Hot Metal And Hipshake’) Check. Lavish, hyperbolic praise from the NME? (“This slab of bubblegum metal makes a case for We Start Fires being the acest band in the world!”). Check.

BOLT ACTION FIVEFour members, four drum machines, a guitarist who shreds his fretboard like Anthrax on fastforward and a lead singer called Dan The Carnivore. Bolt Action Five make music that falls somewhere between an 80s TV theme, Ministry and those super taut early Devo records everyone drops into conversation at parties to look cool.After first causing a storm at last year’s Latitude Festival, BAF have torn up the Capital’s live circuit in a whirl of industrial white noise, beats and dayglo couture. Your ears might very well be destroyed but your frantically dancing feet won’t care.

SUNSET CINEMA CLUBMoulding jerky post-hardcore rhythms with a 90s indie sensibility Redditch’s Sunset Cinema Club somehow manage to join the dots between Fugazi, Blood Brothers, Pavement and even the odd bit of My Bloody Valentine.And guess what? It sounds fantastic. Catch them now before tickets become unavilable despite love and, indeed, money.

PEOPLE’S REVOLUTIONARY CHOIRIn the tradition of classic-era Verve, Spiritualised and The Stooges the People’s Revolutionary Choir know that truly great Rock ‘n’ Roll should always reach for the stars.Even in the smallest venues they can’t help but play shows in widescreen, their soaring waves of sound tearing off the roof and taking you on a journey through the stratosphere. Set your controls for the heart of the sun.

35 SECONDSHailing from the UK’s second city of Birmingham, 35 Seconds trade in the same metallic rhythms and chilly cityscape sounds that have made stars of The Killers and Interpol.And with high profile admirers like the NME’s Mark Beaumont, Xfm’s John Kennedy and Steve Lamacq championing their electrifying 21st century modern rock, surely it’s just a matter of time before 35 Seconds take up their rightful position atop the charts and on the stages of stadiums throughout the land.

HERRA HIDROIf At The Drive-In had grown up serving fries in the Midlands instead of pumping gas in Texas they might well bear a strange similarity to Leicester three-piece Herra Hidro.Trans-dimensional comparisons aside, Herra Hidro do a pleasingly furious line in classic hardcore with enough ingenious twists to ensure they stay several steps ahead of the throaty-screaming-by-numbers brigade.