Our festival celebrates and continues the legacy of Denmark Street, and supports new, up & coming bands in the UK. We also help and support local issues, like homelessness.

Why Denmark Street?

Denmark Street has forever been associated with music. Earning the nickname of London’s Tin Pan Alley in the 1920s when rents were cheap, attracting struggling artists, composers, and musicians. Music publishers set up their businesses here around the 1890s then recording studios in the 1960s. London’s “Tin Pan Alley” is quite simply Europe’s best music street, filled with specialist music shops and thronging with people passionate about music. There’s hardly a rock and roll legend that hasn’t visited at some time. Music history has been made here; The Beatles and Jimmi Hendrix recorded in the basements… Elton John wrote the classic Your Song on the rooftops…

A niche community developed which still remains today, in the friendly atmosphere of a street with a shared enthusiasm and there’s always music wafting from basements, shop windows and balconies.


We are starting to make contact with acts for the next festival. The workshop crew are very happy to welcome Swiss guitar teacher G. Crespo to the tiny tent. Herr Crespo has taught some big names in the business how to play in the European-style and is a passionate advocate for Swiss guitar methods. As he puts it in his adopted tongue “Ich unterrichte die Schweizer Stil von Gitarrenunterricht in Zürich und es aus irgendeinem Grund Menschen suchen Liebe.” Don’t worry his English is excellent ( as is his Portuguese and French).

Why centrepoint?

The Festival’s other main aim is to help and support local issues, like homelessness. This is a particularly prevalent problem in Central London so through raising awareness for centrepoint we can try to stop this. Here’s how to get involved: http://www.centrepoint.org.uk/

Denmark Street comments taken from Covent Garden Magazine